Ball Pit Photo Booth

by Chic Booth
Whether you’re having a birthday party, a brand activation, a corporate event, a wedding, or any other party, our ball pit photo booth will be a lot of fun and your guests will love it.

You'll feel like a kid again.

You’ll get excited, act shy (maybe), but deep down you’ll only want one thing. Get into that ball pit!

...and will act like a kid.

Yup! Chances are you will hop in, jump in, step in, fall in. It a ball pit after all, right? Have fun!

Unlimited Print

Come as many time. Take as many photos. Get as many prints


Get your photos via SMS and email and share online. 


Fully brandable. Even the ball can sport your logo

It’s alright, don’t be shy!

Tell us where you need us to be.



I’m on the edge, is the ball pit really fun? 

Are you kidding?

How big is this thing?

The standard ball pit itself is 9ft x 9ft. But we can make them as big as you need. To get the best experience, we ask for at least 5 more feet all around.

How much customization can we do?

We can customize the pit itself, the balls and the photo printouts. The whole experience can be fully branded and made to match your theme.

I need you in Very-far-land, will you come there? 

You bet, we will.